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              Home>>Products>> Oil field chemicals >>cleanup additive for oil well acidify fracturing
              cleanup additive for oil well acidify fracturing
              Product code: HYCO-606
              Chemical name: cleanup additive for oil well acidify fracturing
              Trade name: cleanup additive for oil well acidify fracturing
              Physical properties:
                HYCO-606A HYCO-606B(fluorine)
              Appearance colorless clear liquid olorless to light yellow clear liquid
              PH 5~8 5~8
              Viscosity(cps/25℃) ≥10 ≥10

                   Application and characterstics: 1. principle:For reduce to stratigraphic harm which quadratic deposit ,adoption cleanup additive of which suface activator with main componet ,efficient lowering interface tension,reduce Jamin effect,make acid in stratum easy driven out from stratum ,whereby relieve harm to stratum.
                   2.Ability judge and use ways:with China petrol natural gas vocating standard (SY/T5755-1995) perform .
                   3.It is best that based on test result determination optimum dose when field use.
                   Package and Storage:
                   200Kg net in plastic drum
                   Keep in room temperature
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