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              Ultraviolet Absor Finishing Agent
              Product code: HYCF-414
              Chemical name: Special resin
              Trade name: Ultraviolet Absor Finishing Agent
              CODE NO:  YINFANG NO.14
              PRODUCT MODEL:  HYCF-414
              CTFA NAME:  Ultraviolet Absor Finishing Agent
              CHEMICAL NAME:  organic Ultraviolet absorbent and alkane softener
              PHYSICAL PROPERTIES            
              Appearance:                 light yellow detract viscouse liquid with fluerescence
              PH (1%water solution):           6 ~ 8                           
              Water-solubility:                dissolve in water (60℃ min)
              1)This product have superior absorb ability to wavelenghth which have mightyest cut through in suns rays, that is ultra violet of the harmful to human;
              2)After fabric is arranged by product, have obvious ultra violet masking result;
              3)Have very large absorb ability to cotton fiber ,have certain resist washing capability;
              4)Can earn excellent soft handing。
              It is suitable for cotton fabric
              The way and dose:
              Imbue dose:5-10%
              Padding dose: 50-120 g/L (working liquor temperature 60℃ min)
              Craft:imbue(10min)→ drying → baking;padding(didip,dipad)→ drying→ baking (130℃ ?10℃).
              Attention proceeding:       
              This product is distract latex, so should agitation before using
              PACKAGE AND STORAGE:
              1. 50kg or 200kg net in plastic drum
              2. Keep in room temperature. Shelf life: 6 month.
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