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              Penetrating Agent
              Product code: HYCF-412
              Chemical name: Fatty acid compounds
              Trade name: Penetrating Agent
              Physical properties:
              Appearance uniformity liquid
              Ionality non- ionic
              PH value(1%water liquor) 5.5-7.5
              Solubility easy dissolve cold water
              Application and character:
              The product fit for natural and synthetic fibre.It very stability in high temperature and wider PH value ,have excellent filter capability to printing fabric .It have storng filterly ,stability in acid alkali ,could be biology decomposed ,endure hard water,and have excellent compability with all kinds of resin.
              Use ways and dose:
              Dyeing process:0.5~1.5g/L
              Printing process:5% to printing serous (wt%)
              Package and storage:
              50Kg,200Kg plastic drum ,storage time about 12 month in room temperature.
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