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              Intensifier deep agent
              Product code: HYCF-409
              Chemical name: Weak cationic compound
              Trade name: Intensifier deep agent
              Physical properties:
              Appearance milk white liquid
              PH value(1%water liquor) 4 - 7
              Specific gravity (20℃) 0.98g?.05
              Solubility easy disslove cold water
              Application and character :
              The product fit for all kinds of synthetic fibre and natural fibre dipping ,gaddin gartifactitious。It could endue fabric excellent adden deepless,adden colourful and adden shiny effect ,but couldn`t infection fabric color fasten and shine fasten.
              Use ways:
              Commonly dose is 10-50g/L。About the detail dose,the factory should according as oneself fact (as color dark, dyestuff concerntration ),adjust dose by sample。
              2.Technical flow
              dyeing→washing → darken (gadding )→drying→other finishing
                     ① After dyeing,should washing with enough water ,for fear remainder agent infection effect .
                     ② Adden deepless process,should try best control the same with every time ,for fear making color difference.
                     ③ Adder dose,bigger add deepless,darken process should first after dyeing ,couldn't compound use with other finishing.
                     ④ We could proper add the time of dipping if fabric thicker (or adden a litter special filter agent ),adden deepless effect shall better.
              Package and storage:
              25Kg 50Kg plastic drum. storage time about 12 month in room temperature.
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