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              In Bath Softener
              Product code: HYCF-408
              Chemical name: Idiosyncratic ionic compound
              Trade name: In Bath Softener
              Appearance Colorless clear viscous liquid
              PH 5.5-8.0(1% water liquid)
              Viscosity 200-1500 cps/25℃,3#,30rpm
              Solution easy solution in cold water

              1.The product have excellent soften,and have absorb capability to fibre ,it is ideal for bath softer;
              2.The product have better in resist hard water,and good in resist salty.It is very stability in acid or alkali.It could used refine to cotton、T/C、PET、silk etc. in dying.
              3.The product have excellent soften and elasticity,could improve handing of fibre.
              4.The product isn,t come into being problem as foam etc. in produce.
              The usage and dose:
              1. Common dose 1-3g/L;
               2. Refine dose 0.5-1g/L;
              3. Dying dose 2-3g/L;
              Lay up and storage time:
               Keep in room temperature and dry
              Storage life: 6 months
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