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              Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer
              Product code: HYCF-407
              Chemical name: Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer
              Trade name: Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer
              appearance uniform liquid
              specific gravity(20℃) 1.15g?.05
              ionicity nonionic
              solubility easy soluble cold water
              application and characteristics:
               the product is used in control oxydol degradation of bleach process;It couldn't damage to fiber,couldn't effect handing feel ;could prevent present vein with Fe+3 chelated;endure heat,endure alkali,endure chemical reagent,excellent lay up stability.
              Introduction of Usage:
              According as fibre kinds and technical adjust dose,commonly dose is about 4-5g/L.
              Package and storage:
              100Kg plastic drum. Lay up in room temperature about 12 months.
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