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              CS-6 Formaldehydeless Color-Fixing Agent
              Product code: HYCF-406
              Chemical name: Quaternary ammonium salt polymer
              Trade name: CS-6 Formaldehydeless Color-Fixing Agent
              Physical Properties:
              Appearence orange-red liquid
              PH 2-4
              Solubility easy solution water

                     1. There are length chain height molecule and reactive group in molecule,it have fixing effect to fibre and fabric。
                     2.The product uncontain free formaldehyde ,and couldnt release free formaldehyde ,match international ecosystem standard.
                     3.It could improve washing hardness (fade ,whiteness stain ) of dying fabric ,and couldnt affect hand feel of fabric.

              Application Range:
              It suitable for fixing color of reactivity 、acidity、distract and immediatity and so on dye。
              Introduction of Usage:
                   1.Delite ways:
                     Add froion water into Yinfang No.6 (accord with rate froion water :Yinfang No.6 =5:3),could use after sufficient mixture homogeneous.
                   2.Imbue ways:
                     Dose: 1%--5%(o.w.f)
                     Temperature: 40--60℃
                     Time: 10?0min (Ph adjust to 6)
                   3. Dip and rolling ways :
                   Dose: 10-25 g/L(PH adjust to 6)
                   Process: two dip and two rolling drying
                     ① The washing tank is must be washed thorough before fixing,for fear of oddment affect fixing effect.
                     ② It is favorable to fixing color that raise the fixing color dose and temperature ,but excess could result in color transform.
                     ③ Setting detailed fixing process should accorading with factory matter of factory and experiment.
                   Package and storage:
                   The package is adoption 50KG,125Kg ,200Kg plastic drum.
                   At room temperature lay up,the storage time is one year.
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