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              CS-5 Color-Fixing Agent
              Product code: HYCF-405
              Chemical name: Quaternary ammonium salt polymer
              Trade name: CS-5 Color-Fixing Agent
              Physical properties:
              Model HYCF-405-H HYCF-405-L
              Appearance red brown liquid orange yellow liquid
              PH value 3-9 3-9
              Solubility easy disslove cold water easy disslove cold water

              There are active group in molecule ,could more improve fixing effect.
              Application range:
              It fit for anion dyestuff fixing of dyeing or printing.The effect is specially to directly ,acid and active dyestuff.It could be used in fabric of export.
              Use ways brief:
                   1.Technical parameter:
                     Fixing agent dose: 0.5%--1%(o.w.f)
                     Fixing temperature: 45--60℃
                     Fixing time : 20?0 min
                     PH value: 6?
                   2. Technical flow:
                     dying → washing (→soap washing → water washing )→ fixing color → washing → other technical
                   3. Attention:
                     ① It must drastically washing clean with water before fixing color,for fear leftover matter infection fixing effect;
                     ② It should washing clean after fixing,for fear infection back working procedure effect;
                     ③ Ph value could infection fixing effect and fabric color ,so should adjust acorrd with fact;
                     ④ adder fixing dose,higher the temperature is benefit improve the fixing result ,but could result in color change if over high;
                     ⑤ factory should according as oneself fact ,adjust the detail technical by sample check,so that could obtain best fixing effect.
                   Package and storage:
                   25KG ,200KG plastic drum .
                   storage in room temperature ,storage time about 6 month.
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