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              Hydroxy sulfonic betaine SHB
              Product code: HYCZ-208
              Chemical name: Hydroxy sulfonic betaine SHB
              Trade name: Hydroxy sulfonic betaine SHB
              Appearance colorless to light yellow clear viscous liquid
              Solide(%) 35?
              Active matter(%) 30?
              P.H(1% water solution 25℃) 5-8
              Tertiary amine 1%max

                   1. Comparing with betaine that contained alkyl and propyl, the SHB has the strongpoints as following:
                   ?No impurity like chloroacetic acid; low salt content and less irritant
                   ?Excellent ability to endure the hard water and resists the sediment of the calcium soap
                   ?Possesses better foaming power
                   ?Better ability of increasing thickness while mate the anionic surface-active agent than the propyl betaine and more flexible of the viscosity-controlling
                   ?It has broad viscosity curve with salt. It can contain more salt and never cause to bad, diluted and stratified.
                   2. Application
                   Adds to foamy facial milk as a low stimulant and rich foaming surfactant. Suggested concentration is 4~8% in transparent facial milk when mate with MAP.
                   Used in shampoos and bath gels with the suggested concentration of 3~6% and 5~10% respectively
              Package and Storage:
                   1.50kg or 200kg net in plastic drum
                   2.Keep in dry and airy place. Get out of raying. Shelf life: 1 year
                   3.Please seal it after opening
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