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              Product code: HYCZ-201
              Chemical name: Polyquaternium-6
              Trade name: Polyquaternium-6
              CAS NO: 26062-79-3


              Appearance colorless to light yellow clear viscous liquid
              Scent Faint aldehydic smell
              Solid(%) 40?
              P.H 5?(1% water solution,25℃)
              Viscosity 5000?5000cps/25℃

              1. YINZHU NO.1 is a kind of homopolymer with high cationic activity. It can provide excellent conditioning effect for hair even in low concentration. In most shampoo, bleach, hair colorant and hair spray, the concentration generally is 0.5% ~ 1%.
              2. The product can offer moist, glossy and rich foam. It can make the wet hair more smooth for combing and the antistatic ability and give hair a smooth, silly and lustrous touch.
              3. Added into moisturizing cream, bath form, shaving cream and deodorant, it contributes to excellent skin feel. The suggested concentration is 1% ~ 2%.
              4. The product can improve dispersion, direct nature and activity of the functional elements which used in hair and skin care.
              Package and Storage:
              1.50kg or 125kg net in plastic drum
              2.Keep in dry and airy place. Get out of raying. Shelf life: 1 year
              3.Please seal it after opening

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