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              HYCW-93 series (Polymer powder)
              Product code: HYCW-93
              Chemical name: HYCW-93 series (Polymer powder)
              Trade name: HYCW-93 series (Polymer powder)

              Trade name: Cationic macromolecule flocculant powder
              Quality index:

              Appearance: White powder
              Solid: 85%
              PH (10% Aq. solution): 3-6
              Viscosity (10% Aq. solution): 300-500cps/lv, 2#, 60rpm.25
              Density: 0.85-1.05g/cm3
              Hygroscopicity: Easy

              Packing: 25kg lined woven kraft bag.
              Transportation: avoid moisture, insolation and press.
              Storage: Kept in a cool, dry and dark place, temperature is between 0 to 40. Use it as soon as possible, or it may be affected with damp. Storage period is six months if stored properly.
              Health and safety: No contact with eyes and skin, adopt the hygiene standards of industry. Be aware of leakage, it is very stick-slip when absorbing moisture. The solution of this product is corrosive to iron, copper and aluminium.

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