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              Product code Trade name Chemical name Application
              Yinfang 36# CS-14 formaldehyde-free fixative powder CS-14 formaldehyde-free fixative powder Suitable for the color fixing processing of dyeing or printing of reactive or direct dyes.
              HYCF-401 CS-1 Formaldehydeless Color-Fixing Agent Cation polymer activity,acid dyestuff dying or printing ect
              HYCF-403 CS-3 Formaldehydeless Color-Fixing Agent Quaternary ammonium polymer fit for activity,directly ect dyes
              HYCF-405 CS-5 Color-Fixing Agent Quaternary ammonium salt polymer fit for activity,directly ,acid ect
              HYCF-406 CS-6 Formaldehydeless Color-Fixing Agent Quaternary ammonium salt polymer activity,acidity,distract and directly dyeing
              HYCF-407 Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer used in control decompose of couple oxygen water
              HYCF-408 In Bath Softener Idiosyncratic ionic compound have excellent soften ,smoothen
              HYCF-409 Intensifier deep agent Weak cationic compound fabric darken,improve fabric dyeing fasten
              HYCF-412 Penetrating Agent Fatty acid compounds have strong percolation
              HYCF-414 Ultraviolet Absor Finishing Agent Special resin used for fibre resist Resist ultra violet ray

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