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              Product code Trade name Chemical name Application
              HYCP-501 Conductive agent for paper Cationic quaternary ammonium polymer Used as conductive agent for duplicating paper
              HYCP-502 Retention aid Retention aid Used as retention aid for papermaking
              HYCP-505 Anti-water agent Used as anti-water agent for coated paper
              HYCP-506 Softening agent for paper softening agent for painting etc
              HYCP-507 Dispersing agent for paper coating Dispersing agent for paper coating dispersing stuffing for coated paper
              HYCP-508 Bactericide and algaecid used for water bactericide and algaecid
              HYCP-509 Defoamer eliminate foam agent for paper pulp
              HYCP-511 Water treatment agent for papermaking waste water used for waste water of making paper
              HYCP-512 Fixing color for paper heightener the fastness of the the colour paper
              HYCP-515 Retention strenghthen agent improve litter fibre ratio of retain

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