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              Product code Trade name Chemical name Application
              HYCW-309 Decolor Processing Agent Cationic macromolecule polymer of ammonium type used in dyeing and printing waste water treatment
              HYCW-305L PAC PAC Used in water treatment for tap water,paper-making
              HYCW-311 Bactericide against alga bactericide and algaecid used in paper-making,power plant,dope,bond etc.
              HYCW-319 Polyamine, Poly( EPI-DA) amine Poly(EPI-DA)amine used in low turbid river and tap water etc.
              HYCW-320 Germicide and algicide Polyquaternium used in industry circle cooling water and swimming pool water to control the Germ and algae
              HYCW-321 OIL REMOVAL COAGULANT High molecular polymer This product is a coagulant mainly for the oil fields, mill, mining, refining and other oil industry.
              HYCW-323 AMPS 2 - Acrylamido--2 - methylpropane sulfonic acid It can be used in co polymerization and in addition reaction, it is widely used in water treatment 、oilfield chemicals、chemical fiber、water absorbent material、plastics、paper making、spinning、printing and dyeing、biomedicine、magnetic material and makeup etc.

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