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              Product code Trade name Chemical name Application
              HYCZ-223 Propane dialcohol stearic acid ester Propane dialcohol stearic acid ester used in shampoo,bath foam and etc.
              HYCZ-225 MES Alkylpolyethyleneglycolsulfosuccinate disodiumsalt Used in shampoo,bath foam and etc.
              HYCZ-227 Emulsion Steady Agent Tallow acylamide used in shampoo and etc.
              HYCZ-228 Bronopol 2-bromo-2-nitryl-1,3-propanediol Used as bactericide in cosmetics.
              HYCZ-229 E-20 Humectant Methyl glucose-20 Used in skin care,hair care and etc.
              HYCZ-230 Hair densification agent poly(NVP/DM) used in hair spray gel and etc.
              HYCZ-231 Poly Viny Pyrrolidone PVP-K polymer Used in fixature,facial mask,skin care and etc.
              HYCZ-232 Polyquaternium-4 Polyquaternium-4 Used in shampoo,bath foam and etc.
              HYCZ-233 Astrictives Hydroxy Aluminium Chloride(A); Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (B); Aluminum sulfate (C) Mainly used as raw material of cosmetics astrictive.
              HYCZ-234 Basic Raw material for powder Light Magnesium Carbonate (A); Heavy Magnesium Carbonate (B) Mainly used as cosmetic raw material in making powder, blush or face powder. Can also be used in painting, toothpaste, pigment, printing ink and other daily use products.

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