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              Product code Trade name Chemical name Application
              HYCZ-212 Polyquaternium-22 Polyquaternium-22 used in skin care,hair care and etc.
              HYCZ-213 Polyquaternium-44 Polyquaternium-44 Used in shampoo, mousses, bath foam and etc.
              HYCZ-214 Polyquaternium-11 Polyquaternium-11 Used in film-forming agent,mousses and etc.
              HYCZ-216 BS-12 Betain Betain Used in facial cleanser,shampoo,bath foam and etc.
              HYCZ-217 Kathon Bactericides Used as bactericide in cosmetics
              HYCZ-218 Propane betaine(CAB) Cocoamidopropylbetaine Used in shampoo,bath foam,household cleanser etc.
              HYCZ-219 Pearlite Ethandiol double-stearate(EGDS) Used in shampoo,hair-care products and etc.
              HYCZ-220 C-14-S Cationic guar gum Hydroxidepropyltrimethylammonium chloride guar gum Used in pearl shampoo,lotion,liquid soap and etc.
              HYCZ-221 Cationic cellulose Polyquaternium-10 used in hair-care product etc.
              HYCZ-222 Eighteen acid eighteen ester Stearic acid used in cream,lotion,lipstick and etc.

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